Pet Supplies

Quality Pet Supplies Now Available Online at Peekaboo Avenue

At Peekaboo Avenue, from our Hudson NH location, we offer more than 100 gifts, toys, and pet supplies for your fur babies in these categories -


  • Pet Toys – keep your fur baby happy and healthy

  • Pet Training Products     

    • Collars

    • Slow Feeding Bowls, etc.


  • Pet Care     

    • Grooming Products

    • Gates


  • On the Go with Your Fur Baby     

    • Collapsible Bowls

    • Bottles

    • Car/Portable Car Seat/Bed, etc.


  • Pet Bedding & Furniture     

    • Cat Scratch Boards

    • Bedding Options

    • Cooling Mats

    • Furniture Protectors

    • Blankets

    • Lockable Pet Doors for Cats & Dogs

    • Pet Play Pens, etc.


  • Pet Clothing & Accessories     

    • Winter Coats

    • Life Jackets

    • Anti-Slip Pet Shoes

    • Waterproof GPS Tracker

    • Winter Pajamas, etc.

Would you like to speak with us at Peekaboo Avenue? We can be reached by phone (857-299-4801), email, or online. Information on Peekaboo Avenue’s return, shipping & privacy policies are available online.

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